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Eastern Cape Kontiki 2024

Rafts launching at Eastern Cape Kontiki 2024. Image credit: Marilize Bouwer The Eastern Cape South region held their " Heroes & Villians" themed 2024 Kontiki event over 21-24 March just outside East London. Like the KwaZulu-Natal Scout Raft... From Ropes and Poles 1 month ago

Changing Travel

Travel is becoming quite regular in my life a the moment. I drafted this post sat on a plane flying back to the UK. I have now been travelling pretty much the same journey for work since September 2020 and it is fascinating how things have changed... From Jabbering All Day Long 3 months ago

Slide of the Month - Bison Skull

September 2023 Time to make: 2 hours Boys Life "Slide of the Month" February 1999, page 54 Original design: Carl Bailey When I was a young man the Bison or Buffalo was on the endangered species list being hunted to almost extinction in the... From Channeling Whittlin Jim 8 months ago

A little blue bear writes a story

Hello everyone, your favourite little blue bear Blueted at the keyboard again. During a bit of downtime, I had, yes teddies do get rest. I decided to do a bit of exploring on the internet. No not that part of the internet, and I found ChatGPT... From Jabbering All Day Long 1 year ago

Blueted the little bear is back, I am still alive

Hello tinterweb people, how are you all keeping? I know you have all been wondering but this little bear is still here It has been some time since this bear managed to find myself on a keyboard and be able to type a post. I am now a very old man,... From Jabbering All Day Long 1 year ago

...and 3 others from Scouting Magazine Pinterest.

Is flexible scouting what you think it is

I have and I have always thought about it as being around the adult support, being able to offer adults who work on shifts or could only give their support one weekend a month the opportunity to support the movement. The post Is flexible scouting... From Jabbering All Day Long 2 years ago

Jabbering January a short look back at my 2021

Happy New Year to you and yours and welcome to 2022, As always at this time in the year, I do some looking back and some looking forward. It is always wonderful when we get a chance to stop and take stock. In the case of my blog, it is looking back... From Jabbering All Day Long 2 years ago

New Instagram account and site news

So it's been quiet here for a while... alongside everything that's been going on in the world over the last two years, I'm now the father of a one year old girl! Over the last 18 months, Rovers here in South Africa have been involved in community... From Ropes and Poles 2 years ago

R U Going?

From Scoutmaster Musings 2 years ago

EPA 50th Award

The Environmental Protection Agency turned 50 last year, so the BSA and EPA came up with a special, limited-time award that scouts can only earn during 2021. So, you've got 3 months left to get 'er done! Fortunately, if you've got some merit badges... From Scoutmaster Musings 2 years ago

Marching on through week 3 of the steps challenge

End of Week 3 marching along Marching here, marching there, I got out of the house and marched everywhere. This week was a week when I could actually get out of the house and not just walk around the garden. However, this week was a busy busy week... From Jabbering All Day Long 2 years ago

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