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Issue 490 â€" June 9, 2016

________________________________________ Hi Andy, I've just finished my first year as a Cub Scout adult volunteer-Tiger Den Leader-after several decades as a Scout and Scouter. We finished this year with ten Tigers, of which eight were with us for... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Issue 466 â€" December 22, 2015

________________________________________ Mary Tomchuk, of the Patriots' Path Council in New Jersey, educator; Eagle Scout Mom; Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope, St. George and Bronze Pelican recipient; Scouter extraordinaire, has too soon Gone... From Ask Andy 8 years ago

Issue 431 â€" January 13, 2015

________________________________________ Dear Andy, A Life Scout in my troop informed me last week that his Eagle project was complete and that he'd like to have a Scoutmaster conference with me. While I was aware that the project was in the works,... From Ask Andy 9 years ago

Shaking Things Up: The Left-handed Scout Handshake

What's one of the most common forms of nonverbal communication used between two  people?  No, it's not the fist bump, high five, a hug or even a kiss.  It's the handshake — a simple handshake involves  extending one's hand ? typically the... From ScoutStuff Blog 9 years ago

Issue 394 â€" April 22, 2014

________________________________________ Dear Andy, Our troop committee members, together with a district advancement representative, recently conducted an Eagle Scout board of review. We declined the candidate. The vote was unanimous. In the... From Ask Andy 9 years ago

Issue 389 â€" March 18, 2014

________________________________________ Hello Andy, I've been reading your archive issues as well as your current ones. Looking back at your Issue 87 (October 2006), may I gently chastise you for your response about the "World Brotherhood" crest?... From Ask Andy 9 years ago

New Boy Scout Handbook, other Boy Scout program tweaks due in 2016

The saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" could be used to describe some tweaks coming to the Boy Scouts program in 2016. The merit badge program has been getting stronger with the release of each new merit badge , and the trail to Eagle Scout... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 decade ago

Tuesday Talkback: Does your troop hike in field uniform (aka 'Class A')?

If you're not meant to hike, sweat and get dirty in your field uniform, then what's with all the pockets for storing stuff? Why do the shirts come in an option made from breathable fabric? And have Scouts who hike in "Class A's" been doing it wrong... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 decade ago

Issue 338 â€" December 7, 2012

________________________________________ Dear Andy, A troop I'm the Unit Commissioner for went to camp this past summer and, while there, held several boards of review for advancing Scouts. The problem is that several of the reviews had older... From Ask Andy 1 decade ago

Issue 337 â€" November 28, 2012

Rule No. 100 • Never leave the Scouting Movement with the regret that you might have served better the youth in your care had you just taken the time for training. ________________________________________ Dear Andy, I'm looking to build a supply... From Ask Andy 1 decade ago

What's the only thing wrong with the Braille Boy Scout Handbook?

Yes, a Braille version of the  Boy Scout Handbook exists , but trying to find one can prove almost impossible. One of my coworkers brought a copy by last week, barely balancing the three-volume book in his hands. It was the first time I had seen... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 decade ago

Issue 316 â€" June 22, 2012

Rule No. 82: • Some volunteers are sort of like Slinkies… not really good for very much, but you can't help smiling when you see one tumbling down the stairs. ________________________________________ Dear Andy, This is more of a comment... From Ask Andy 1 decade ago

Catching Up on my 100 days 9-21

October 6th, Reviewed my be a scout presentation for tomorrow night. October 7th, Helped with info packets for roundtable, Gave a quick present at roundtable for, Committed troop to teach knots at our Troopadillo Adventure (Webelos... From Chairman's Chat - A Pack Committee Blog 1 decade ago

Have You Read Scouting's Best Selling Book?

Boy Scout Handbook, 1st edition What is the third best-selling book in U.S. history? Why, it's the Boy Scout Handbook, of course! With over 37 million printed since 1911, the Boy Scout Handbook trails only The Guinness Book of World Records and Dr... From Stadri Emblems Scouting Blog 1 decade ago

100 Days of Scouting: Day 86

oh Saturday!  You start cold and early (4am in downtown Indianapolis) for Overtime at Work when I should be at OA Ordeal (I was nominated as an adult this year). Scouting wise it was a light day: - spent 4 hours in the dining room: took all scout... From The Scoutmaster 1 decade ago

Ask the Expert: Does Bugler fulfill the "position of responsibility" for the Eagle Scout award?

Have you been searching for an answer to a Scouting-related question? Ask the Expert is here to help. Send us your question, and Cracker Barrel will seek out the answer. Today's question comes from Arlene Freeman , a Scouter in Austin, Tex. She... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 decade ago

12th Edition Handbook Versions Cleared Up

After some speculation about the new 12th Edition handbook and its various versions , a helpful comment has cleared up the questions. Nathan, a BSA national scout shop employee, who has seen the "shrink wrapped" books, left a comment on the... From Lone Star Scouter 1 decade ago

The New Scout Handbook

I've had my copy of the 12th Edition of the new Scout Handbook for a couple of weeks now and I recently added the Scout Handbook to my Ipod touch. I have also looked over the website . As the way we use and manipulate... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 1 decade ago

BSA Handbook Review

I know that many different bloggers have already written about the new 12th edition of the BOy Scout Handbook but I would like to say a few things about the handbook. First off lets take about the organization of the handbook. The organization is... From Scouting Maniac 1 decade ago

August's Top Tweets

July was a busy month! Here were the top 10 since 31 JUL: 1. Weekend Patrol Box #18 164 Clicks 2. Excellent idea! Eagle Scout Parking Only sign.. (via @ LatterDay_Scout ) 103 Clicks 3. New... From ScoutSigns 1 decade ago

The New Boy Scout Handbook â€" Review

So with the BSA's 100th aniversary we have a new handbook that will bring us well into the 21st century. This new handbook has alot of great information and it is a great resource that every scout and scouter should have on their bookshelves. With... From A Boy Scout's Blog 1 decade ago

Scout Handbook Thoughts

Picked up the 12th edition this week. Here's some observations having skimmed through it. Negatives : The book is 1/2 inch shorter than the previous. This just means I've got a floppy black book cover on it now. The back cover used to have three... From Scoutmaster Musings 1 decade ago

New Boy Scout Handbook Is 21st Century Guide for Life

The Centennial Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook unveiled by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) prepares the 21st century Scout for new technology while celebrating the organization's rich heritage. The 475-page paperback features nostalgic... From Scouting News 1 decade ago

New BSA handbook now available

Here's a book that should be at the top of your summer reading list. No, it's not the latest legal thriller by John Grisham or romance novel from Danielle Steel. It's the new Boy Scout Handbook , and it's available now. Click here to order... From Bryan on Scouting Magazine 1 decade ago

12th Edition Handbook Versions Cleared Up

After some speculation about the new 12th Edition handbook and its various versions , a helpful comment has cleared up the questions. Nathan, a BSA national scout shop employee, who has seen the "shrink wrapped" books, left a comment on the... From Scouting News 1 decade ago

New BSA Rank Requirements Coming

[Image from --thanks!] There are several new requirements for Tenderfoot all the way through Life coming, effective 01 JAN 2010. According to the website , it appears that they will be in the new Scout handbook... From ScoutSigns 1 decade ago

New Handbook Coming August 1st

We reported back in May about a possible new cover for the 12th Edition handbook , however now other designs are appearing. Advertisements for the new handbook show a similiar but slightly modified cover. Instead of the "old fashion" Scout in the... From Scouting News 1 decade ago

12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook Cover?

Last year it was announced a North Carolina advertising agency, Enventys, had landed a contract with the Boy Scouts of America to redesign the Boy Scout Handbook. Enventys is a Charlotte based product development and creative-marketing company,... From Scouting News 1 decade ago

Centennial Boy Scout Handbook Cover

If your pack is like mine in presenting a new Boy Scout Handbook to the fifth-grade Webelos Scouts at your pack graduation ceremony , you will have a pretty cool-looking book to give them in 2010. This is the cover of the upcoming Centennial (12th)... From KISMIF - Awesome Cub Scouting 1 decade ago

Boys' Life Magazine Promotes Environmental Leadership With Sustainable Forestry Initiative(R) Forest Certification

Boys' Life magazine, the youth monthly published by the Boy Scouts of America, has become certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. From the forest to BSA headquarters to... From Scouting News 1 decade ago

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