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Scouts BSA Trivia Quiz

How well do you know the basics? Answer some questions about the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan, Motto, the meaning of the Scout Badge and more. And then find out if your answers are correct. Use this to help with the requirements for the Scouting... From Scouter Mom 4 years ago

Summer Work

Are you just waking up from your winter hibernation? Did you put off finding a summer job for too long? With all your leadership qualities, outdoors skills, and interpersonal communications learned in Scouting, many opportunities are out there for... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

Scouts BSA

With females officially joining the Scouts BSA program today, I look forward to helping them get as much as they can out of their scouting experience. Most of my involvement is currently with adult leaders preparing for high adventures, but I... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

Extraordinary Eagle Circumstances

2019 will be a special year, actually an extraordinary year, for youth joining Scouts BSA. With girls joining starting February 1, some folks have been concerned that they won't have time to work their way up to the Eagle rank. Since there are... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

National Test - Stay Calm

This event would be interesting to discuss at an Emergency Preparedness merit badge meeting, or as the topic of a Scoutmaster Minute about Being Prepared. At 1:18pmCDT on Wednesday, Oct. 3, your cell phone will alarm with an emergency broadcast... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

National Lazy Day

Saturday, August 10 Observe National Lazy Day by taking it easy. Sleep in. Rest up. Watch a movie. Read a book. I have only one suggestion for this day. Take your Nap On Safely training. How are you observing #LazyDay? Add your ideas to the... From Scouter Mom 5 years ago

National Trivia Day

Saturday, January 4, 2020 January 4 is National Trivia Day. It celebrates all of those little bits of knowledge. This can be a fun one to celebrate with Scouts of all ages. Here are some ideas. Brush up on your Scouting trivia or work on an... From Scouter Mom 5 years ago

Alt Dot Philmont

Due to fire, many Philmont treks have been cancelled and the crew advisors contacted. In case you're still thinking of alternative adventures, or just to be aware for future treks, here's some other cool places to Scout around the country. Most of... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

Game Over

In an official statement released today, the BSA and LDS announce a dissolution of their relationship. LDS will "discontinue its role as a chartered partner with BSA" effective at the end of 2019. A layperson's interpretation of that is "Game Over"... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

Girl Gear

Leggings, Capris, Skorts, and Scarves - these are some of the new girl gear items coming to Scouting this year. With girls joining Cub Scouts, BSA National Supply has been making some clothing updates for the new scouts. You will probably be seeing... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

Super Achiever

Lots of people have been asking about the Webelos Super Achiever patch. It has never been an official national BSA award, so it fell to individual units or councils to create or adopt the award locally. It was available in a handful of various... From Scoutmaster Musings 6 years ago

Scouts of America

Well, that was fast! Starting next year (2018), girls will be part of the BSA scouting program, not just Venturing, Sea Scouts, Explorers, and STEM. What, you did not realize they were in all that already? Oh my, it will be a busy year of updates -... From Scoutmaster Musings 6 years ago

KNOTS July Cartoon - Jamboree Weather Preparation

Jamboree Weather Preparation July 2017 Cafe Press Items Keywords: Diesslin, knots scout cartoon, snow, weather preparation, summer, west virginia, jambo, july, cold, hot Copyright - U.S. Scouting Service Project | Visit us at |... From U.S. Scouting Service Project 6 years ago

Thanks for Attending #2017Jambo

Putting on a Jamboree takes a ridiculous amount of work. With all the coordination of activities, discovery of staff and organization of participants, it is nothing short of a miracle that everything went so smoothly. To the over 30,000... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Base Camp Charlie Leads the Way in World Friendship Fund Collection

Thanks to the generosity of the Scouts at the 2017 National Jamboree, more than $10,000 has been donated to the World Friendship Fund. Base Camp Charlie, which raised over $1,000, won the challenge to see which Base Camp could raise the most money... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Thank You to Jamboree Staff

Putting on a jamboree takes a ridiculous amount of work. With all the coordination of activities, discovery of staff and organization of participants, it is nothing short of a miracle that everything went so smoothly. To the approximately 6,000... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Jamboree Equipment Purchasing Pick Up

Staff members who purchased jamboree tents and/or bicycles should pick up their item(s) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The items will be available to be picked up on site and/or at the Ruby Welcome Center. On Friday, the... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Thank you to our sponsors

It takes a lot to produce a National Jamboree. Thousands of volunteer staff members contributed thousands of hours of planning and hard work to ensure that the Scouts in attendance had the times of their lives. But the Jamboree should express its... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Work at SBR in 2018

If you have enjoyed being at the Summit, consider signing up to serve as a seasonal staff member for the summer of 2018. During normal operations in the summer, the Summit requires over 200 seasonal staff members to operate smoothly. The Summit is... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Summit Treehouse Not Your Typical Treehouse

For most adults, the notion of a tree house evokes nostalgia for a childhood of skinned knees and endless summers. But for Frank McCallister, a treehouse has become a way to pair technologies of the future with traditional Scouting values like... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Attending Summit High Adventure

The Summit offers two high-adventure programs: The New River Trek and SBR Mountain Bike Trek. The New River Trek is a 50-mile trip along the New River in inflatable kayaks and rafts. Participants experience class I to V rapids and enjoy the natural... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Taking Care of Your Property

As the 2017 National Jamboree wraps up, keep this point of the Scout Law in mind: A Scout is Thrifty. Take care of the possessions that you've brought with you to jamboree. Loss and theft unfortunately are always possible at a large event like... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Earn an Interpreter Strip

Scouts and leaders who are knowledgeable in a language other than English can test for an interpreter strip at the International Scouting Exhibit at Action Point. Strips can be earned for 11 different target languages including Arabic, Cantonese,... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Motor Pool Vehicle Turn-in Procedure

Vehicles that were checked out from the jamboree motor pool may be returned starting at noon Thursday. Vehicles will be accepted from noon to 8 p.m. Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and 8 to 10 a.m. Saturday. All Vehicles Must Be Turned In By 10... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

The Need for Speed

When you really need speed, nothing is better. Thanks to medical pioneers such as Texas native and Eagle Scout Dr. Red Duke, injured civilians have the option of medical evacuation via helicopter. To give jamboree Scouts a look at the technology,... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Jamboree Volunteers Help West Virginia Save Lives

In 2014, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported that West Virginia's fatality rate for home fires was well above the national average, and growing. "For us, that's unacceptable," says Barry Simays, area lead for the 2017 National... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Favorite Adventure Area

With the jamboree already half over, the Scouts in attendance have had plenty of time to roam around and explore all the Summit Bechtel Reserve has to offer. We were curious: Which parts of the Summit have been wowing them the most? JamboLink... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Mountain Biking Staff Chooses Jamboree over National Competition

Staff member and Venturer Kaitlyn W., from Vancouver, Washington, had a particularly tough decision about whether to attend the 2017 National Jamboree. Kaitlyn, a staff member at Low Gear, was qualified to participate in Nationals for mountain... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Jamboree App can Help you Navigate Activities

Popular programs at the 2017 National Jamboree sometimes have a long wait, but the Jamboree mobile app can help: It lists the wait times for each of the major programs at the Jamboree. The times are updated every 10 minutes if they change... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

OA Oral History Project at Jamboree 2017

The Order of the Arrow and the National Scouting Museum's Scouting Memories Project have partnered to jointly host the Jamboree 2017 Oral History Project. Youth-focused and led by the four 2017 OA region chiefs, our group attracted great stories... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Steel Drums at International Scouting Exhibit

Scouts can hear music from Trinidad and Tobago played on steelpans (steel drums) Tuesday at the International Scouting Exhibit. Talented Scouts from the Trinidad and Tobago were selected to attend the Jamboree in order to present the music the... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Writing Home From the 2017 National Jamboree

Thanks to the Jamboree Post Office, Jamboree participants and leaders can write home to their families about the different programs that they are participating in. Located in the Summit Center near the AT&T Stadium, the Jamboree Post Office... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Daniel Carter Beard Recognition

The Summit Center at the jamboree boasts several interesting booths and activities, ranging from merit badges to information on the 2019 World Jamboree. At the Commissioner's Corner booth, an award is offered for both youth and adults who can... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Scout Catches World-Record Fish

For the first time since he was a Cub Scout, Mark S. went fishing Friday at the jamboree - and he broke the world record for catching the largest grass carp with a fishing rod without a reel. The fish weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds and was 39... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

A Day in the Life of Jambo Bus Drivers

You've seen them shuttling participants and staff members around key places at the jamboree: the drivers behind the wheel of the jamboree shuttle buses. Dwayne Rucker is one. For him, driving the Boy Scouts around has been positive. "It's been a... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Special Guest Cartoonists - John and Anne Hambrock

The special guest cartoon today is "The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee," by John Hambrock. Anne Morse-Hambrock, his wife, colors the strip and works in many other capacities to keep the strip running smoothly. Today's cartoon was created specifically... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Does Your Unit Participate in OA? If Not, We Want to Hear From You!

Are you a Scoutmaster or leader of a unit that does not participate in the Order of the Arrow? If so, the OA would like to hear from you! On Tuesday, July 25 at 1PM, the OA will host an open forum for leaders whose units do not participate in the... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Celebrating 20 years of jamboree staff

At the 1997 National Scout Jamboree, Teesie King, Craig Brasher and Brenda Hanson Smith met while serving on medical staff in Base Camp Charlie. Little did the three know that they would go from being complete strangers to closest friends: As of... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Summit Center Buzzing with Activity

Many fun activities are located at the Summit Center, a central hub across the lake from Base Camp Charlie. The myriad of activities and tents located near the gorgeous Goodrich Lake vary enough so every person walking around will find something to... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Rafting Program

The Scouts and leaders who've snagged seats in the Jamboree's Offsite Adventures rafting program will take in some of the best sights the country has to offer, at the center of West Virginia's beautiful, historic New River Gorge. Be sure to pack... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Excitement will reign at basecamp bashes

The three large Jamboree shows are sure to be extravagant and elaborate frenzies of music and fun. However, for nights without those large festivals, basecamp bashes will occur on several nights. Here's a rundown: Echo (Staff) - July 18 at 7:30... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Garden Ground adventures

Garden Ground Mountain has always been an oddity in West Virginia history. Formerly a large ridge, it was sheared down for coal mining in the early 20th century. Legend holds that coal miners used the rare flat land to grow vegetables for their... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

NESA's Very Inspirational Presenters Will Wow the Jamboree

Attendees at the 2017 National Jamboree will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of inspirational and informative speakers, courtesy of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) . Wendy Perrone, executive director of the Three Rivers... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

2017Jambo Shows Preview

One thing at the 2017 National Jamboree that you won't find anywhere else is the amazing set of shows lined up for you and the 40,000 others who will be in the audience. Participants will gather at the AT&T Summit Stadium three times throughout... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Recreation for Staff provided by the Order of the Arrow

After a long day at the 2017 National Jamboree, staff members who are looking to sit back, relax, destress, and have a good time will have plenty of opportunities. The Operation Arrow Recreation Committee , an integral portion of Operation Arrow's... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Post Your Colors

Check out the July BSA promotional program! If you are on the net, you could win some very cool prizes including trips to the national high adventure bases down to a $50 ScoutStuff gift card. The contest is only going on through July so click here... From Scoutmaster Musings 6 years ago

Garden Ground Mountain Program

Jamboree participants who complete the 1,000-foot climb to the summit of the Summit will enjoy a new day-long program, the Jamboree Trek to Garden Ground Mountain. Each participating troop will be assigned an Order of the Arrow Trek Guide, who will... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

What's in the Kit?

By the time your bus rolls up to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, you'll be ready for 10 days of amazing adventure in West Virginia's beautiful New River Gorge National River area that is adjacent to the Summit Bechtel Reserve. But first, it'll be time... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Medical Forms - Turn it in, Keep it Handy!

Youth, Scout Leader or Staff - everybody participating in the 2017 National Jamboree is required to have a medical exam and submit the BSA's required Annual Health and Medical Record online . If you missed the April 19 deadline goal for early AHMR... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

2017 Jamboree Bus Routes Now Available

Jamboree is on its way, and the thoughts of program, patch trading, and interacting with thousands around the country are exciting. While all the games, events, and adventure will be a blast, walking thousands of steps to get to each location can... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

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