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A Brief History of Maps

This video is a good introduction to maps and cartography for youth. How did maps develop? How were early maps used? Have you ever heard of the Anaximander map? Who are some people and cultures from around the world who helped improve maps... From Scouter Mom 4 years ago

Global Handwashing Day

Tuesday, October 15 October 15 is Global Handwashing Day. On this day, all are encouraged to remember that washing hands with soap is a good way to prevent diseases. Another goal is to increase the awareness of the importance of the availability of... From Scouter Mom 4 years ago

Tattoo Merit Badge Release

If your scouts have already earned the Exploration merit badge and are looking for something more interesting, it's your lucky day! The Tattoo Merit Badge was just announced and the merit badge pamphlet is available in scout shops and as electronic... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

National Test - Stay Calm

This event would be interesting to discuss at an Emergency Preparedness merit badge meeting, or as the topic of a Scoutmaster Minute about Being Prepared. At 1:18pmCDT on Wednesday, Oct. 3, your cell phone will alarm with an emergency broadcast... From Scoutmaster Musings 5 years ago

National Trivia Day

Saturday, January 4, 2020 January 4 is National Trivia Day. It celebrates all of those little bits of knowledge. This can be a fun one to celebrate with Scouts of all ages. Here are some ideas. Brush up on your Scouting trivia or work on an... From Scouter Mom 5 years ago

Earning All of the Merit Badges

Heather sent in this question: I have two boys one is almost done with all 137 Merit badge he is 15 and I know most of the merit badge go together. Now my 10 year old is now a boy scout and came to me the other day and said he to would like to get... From Scouter Mom 6 years ago

Merit Badge Counselors List

Tracey sent in this form which can be used to keep track of counselors for merit badges. Space is included for the counselor's name, phone number, and email address. Badges required for the rank of Eagle Scout are highlighted in yellow. Thanks... From Scouter Mom 6 years ago

Solstice Activity

Today is the best day of the year for Astronomy merit badge and worst for Photography. :-) At 10:28am Central time today, the winter solstice occurs. For the next six months, we'll be getting more and more sunlight each day in the northern... From Scoutmaster Musings 6 years ago

Summit Treehouse Not Your Typical Treehouse

For most adults, the notion of a tree house evokes nostalgia for a childhood of skinned knees and endless summers. But for Frank McCallister, a treehouse has become a way to pair technologies of the future with traditional Scouting values like... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Attending Summit High Adventure

The Summit offers two high-adventure programs: The New River Trek and SBR Mountain Bike Trek. The New River Trek is a 50-mile trip along the New River in inflatable kayaks and rafts. Participants experience class I to V rapids and enjoy the natural... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

Summit Center Buzzing with Activity

Many fun activities are located at the Summit Center, a central hub across the lake from Base Camp Charlie. The myriad of activities and tents located near the gorgeous Goodrich Lake vary enough so every person walking around will find something to... From Summit Blog 6 years ago

NESA's Very Inspirational Presenters Will Wow the Jamboree

Attendees at the 2017 National Jamboree will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of inspirational and informative speakers, courtesy of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) . Wendy Perrone, executive director of the Three Rivers... From Summit Blog 6 years ago


Sometime between 2012 and 2015 Time to make: 3.5 hours Finishing: 1 hour For a couple of years I tried to find a suitable material for the wooden frame and it struck me one day during summer camp watching the Scouts at Basketry Merit Badge that... From Channeling Whittlin Jim 7 years ago

Sioux Chief

Sometime between 2012 and 2015 Time to carve: 3.5 hours Finishing: 2 hour Another slide carved during Merit Badge Uninversity at UMASS Amherst I think a couple of years ago. I had a couple of adults ask me about what I was carving while I was... From Channeling Whittlin Jim 7 years ago

Issue 513 â€" January 3, 2017

________________________________________ Hi Andy, Any tips for a dad going on a Philmont trek? I know my son will have no problem this summer; it's me I'm worried about! Unfortunately, so far I've taken "Be Prepared" to the extreme and I've wound... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Year Round Camping Summary for 2016

Here is our year-end camp summary for 2016: 1) Jan – 2nd annual Winter backpacking on snowshoes in Little Cottonwood Canyon 2) Feb – Last minute change to Crystal Hot Springs* 3) Apr – 2nd annual April outing to White Rock near... From My Scout Stuff - A Scoutmaster's Blog 7 years ago

The Challenge Slope

I don't generally agree with the common statement regarding Scouting to "let them fail". I think what is meant when "fail" is used is actually "learn". Burning pancakes is not failing - it is learning the point at which they're ready to flip. Taking... From Scoutmaster Musings 7 years ago

Issue 512 â€" December 27, 2016

________________________________________ Good Morning Andy, The charter- and JTE-year run from January 1st through December 31st but the actual, operational Scouting runs essentially from September through May (with a smattering of events plus... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Greatest hits: Our 16 most-read posts from 2016

Late December brings a spate of year-in-review lists. While overused, they are a handy way to recap the year that was. One way to look back on 2016 in Scouting is by seeing which Bryan on Scouting blog posts were most popular. We write the posts,... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

World Conservation Award has new requirements, effective immediately

Whether you know the World Conservation Award as the "panda patch" or as the award that encourages Scouts and Venturers to think globally and act locally to improve and conserve our environment, there's something you need to know. The BSA National... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Issue 510 â€" December 13, 2016

________________________________________ Several regular readers wrote to me about the pack finances problem Kevin, in the Longhorn Council, was having. Check these out (they may help you, too!)… Hi Andy, This is for Kevin. Start with a pack... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Is this the best-catered court of honor in Eagle Scout history?

From the start, the Eagle Scout court of honor for Brian O'Rourke III in Cambridge, Mass., was destined to be special. Brian's grandfather, Glen McLaughlin, traveled all the way from California to be there. There was a slideshow that had many in... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Issue 509 â€" December 6, 2016

________________________________________ Hi Andy, About David Ball's question (your November 11th Issue) about adult support on outings, let me share something our Senior Patrol Leader and his ASPL did a couple of years ago… They were having... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Tips for running a Boy Scout Christmas tree lot

Oh, Christmas tree. How lovely are your branches. And how lovely, too, is your ability to raise money to fund Scouting adventures. While that last sentence lacks the lyricism of the original carol, its words are no less accurate. Many Boy Scout... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Issue 507 â€" November 29, 2016

________________________________________ HOW WORDS CAN DIRECT-OR MISDIRECT-THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS The great semanticist, S.I. Hayakawa informs us that, "of all forms of symbolism, language is the most highly developed, most subtle, and most... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Podcast 329 â€" Merit Badges

There's always more questions about merit badges… … then I have useful answers because the vast majority of problems with merit badges are structural rather than procedural. But I hate missing an opportunity for a good, old fashioned... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 7 years ago

Issue 506 â€" November 11, 2016

________________________________________ VETERANS DAY The aftermath of an appendectomy gone bad, producing a lower intestinal infection that plagued me for several years, I was physically rejected by the U.S. Army on three separate attempts to... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

The BSA trunk club: Send in photos of your Scouting storage space on wheels

An average driver's trunk might hold a spare tire, jumper cables and the good umbrella. But Scout leaders are anything but average. A Scout leader's trunk is more than a trunk. It's a mobile storage unit for all things Scouting. At various times... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

The other troop library

Most troops have a library of merit badge pamphlets and other information for the Scouts to use in going about their activities. It's maintained by a troop librarian – a youth position of responsibility – and is primarily run by and for... From Bobwhite's Blather 7 years ago

Complete Angler Award

I was in the local Scout Shop last weekend and saw something new posted near the merit badges. There is an award called the Complete Angler that can be earned by Boy Scouts who love to fish. The requirements seem fairly simple. Earn three required... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 7 years ago

Those Knots

Every six months or so it seems that the discussion on knots come up.  Now you all know that I am not talking about the bowline or two half hitches, or even a well placed figure 8.  No I am talking about the knots that we wear on our uniforms,... From The Scoutmaster Minute 7 years ago

Meet the Eagle Scout who works on the megahit videogame Destiny

The real heroes at Bungie , the videogame company behind sci-fi blockbusters Halo and Destiny , don't wear armor. They're guys like Matthew Ward, Eagle Scout and the company's cinematic director, who wore an untucked button-up, jeans and red... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Inside the newly updated Conservation Handbook, Earth's instruction manual

While others offer scary predictions about the future of our planet, Scouts and Venturers do something to ensure those dire warnings never come true. In short, Scouts, Venturers and Scout leaders strive to leave this planet better than they found... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Issue 503 â€" October 18, 2016

________________________________________ (This conversation is from early September…) Hi, Andy, I'm a Den Leader entering my second year and having a grand time. My den has grown to a good size-12 registered and about 10 showing up regularly, and... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Breaking news: Join the Boys' Life team for the coolest job at the jamboree

Did you hear the news? Whether you're a working journalist helping inform the public or simply a fan of the world's greatest magazine for boys, you are formally invited to join the Boys' Life team at the 2017 National Jamboree. Boys' Life is... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Hiking-n-Cycling Safety Vest

#ITLLEDVest Here's something that anyone doing the Hiking or Cycling merit badges might find useful, especially if you're putting in miles on multi-use trails or along roads with traffic. In the very dark night hours, cars have their headlights on... From Scoutmaster Musings 7 years ago

Issue 502 â€" October 11, 2016

________________________________________ Dear Andy, My son is working on Camping merit badge and I'm wondering if there's any guidance as far as what constitutes "planning and carrying out a snow camping experience." Is the goal specifically... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Issue 501 â€" October 8, 2016

________________________________________ The rumors of my… Well, you know the rest. Been traveling out of state and out of the country for the past several weeks. Back in the saddle now, so here we go… Dear Andy, Thank you for your commitment to... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Step by step: How to be a merit badge counselor

The merit badge counselor is one of the coolest jobs in Scouting. These volunteers introduce Scouts to a topic about which they are passionate and knowledgable. At the very least, a merit badge counselor helps a young man earn a merit badge for his... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

The Best Scouting Apps of 2016

It's 2016. The smartphone doesn't detract from the Scouting experience; it enhances it. Where in the past there was a debate over whether smartphone use is appropriate in Scouting, these days most Scouters see the devices like pocketknives... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago


As this new Journey begins I thought it was time for a new look.. a fresh start.. that feeling you have when you change your socks before a long hike, you know, it feels warm on your feet, clean, and cozy. With my renewed sense of enthusiasm,... From The Scoutmaster Minute 7 years ago

Why dancer Derek Hough and his dad, Bruce, are big believers in Scouting

Derek Hough sent his dad a text a few weeks back. "Dad, check out my Instagram." Bruce Hough opened Derek's Instagram page , where the  Dancing With the Stars  star shares photos with nearly 2 million followers. And there was Derek, wearing his Cub... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Issue 500 â€" September 6, 2016

________________________________________ Today my 500th issue coincides with my very first, published 15 years ago this month. That first issue was published in the monthly newsletter of a single council. Today, these columns are regularly read in... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Issue 499 â€" August 30, 2016

________________________________________ In my previous column (Issue 498-August 16th) a parent had written about her son, a Life Scout, who was told that work on his project for Eagle "must have Scouts as helpers" and "a troop leader must be... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Podcast 326 â€" Advice for the Senior Patrol Leader

My son was frustrated, decided to change troops, and was elected senior patrol leader in his new troop. The Scoutmaster is a man of good intentions but with a commanding presence. Over time he has taken to leading himself because it's easier and... From Scoutmaster Clarke Green 7 years ago

Parents of Eagle Scout and Olympic gold medalist Ryan Held tell their story

We've heard from Ryan Held, the Eagle Scout who won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics and says Scouting gave him a welcome respite from the stress of competitive swimming. Now we get to hear from his parents, who  say both of their Eagle Scout sons... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Now hear this: 2016 Jamboree-on-the-Air, Jamboree-on-the-Internet dates set

On the third weekend in October, 1 million Scouts from 150 different countries will unite to celebrate the global power of Scouting. And they'll do it without leaving the neighborhood. Join the fun by involving your pack, troop, team, post, ship or... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Issue 496 â€" July 26, 2016

________________________________________ Hi Andy, We held a Tenderfoot board of review last night for one of our newest Scouts. We had two committee members present. I had sent out an email to the committee last week, right after I'd conferenced... From Ask Andy 7 years ago

Neil Armstrong's success in space didn't surprise his fellow Boy Scouts

Neil Armstrong wasn't your typical Boy Scout. While the other boys in Troop 25 out of Sandusky, Ohio, were horsing around at meetings and campouts, "Neil was buckling down to learning things like the flag semaphore code and first aid," one of his... From Aaron on Scouting Magazine 7 years ago

Summer Camp Review 2016

The Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 have completed their weeklong summer camp for the year. Once again, the troop went to Many Point Scout Camp which is located northwest of Park Rapids in Minnesota. Only four Scouts of the troop attended camp... From A Scoutmaster's Blog 7 years ago

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