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Christmas 2016

We all have an image of the "perfect" Christmas. Â It is one of those images that we hold deep in our hearts. Â An image of a Christmas from our childhood, a vision of the ideal Christmas from It's a Wonderful Life. Â We think of bells and decorated... 2 years ago


I had a talk with a group of Scouts a week or so ago. Â I asked them what they thought of Scouting and how their classmates viewed it. Â My point was to illustrate that the "pressure" that they feel for being Scouts is no different than it was when I... 2 years ago

Simple things

We teach our Scouts to focus on the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Â I have lived by that train of thought since I became a Sergeant in the Army. Â Little things always add up. Â And the other thing that I know for sure... 2 years ago

Sleeping Bag storage

In this Saturday Quick Tip video.. I show a quick and easy way to store your sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag is an essential piece of gear. Â Part of the "Big 3", your sleeping bag is a piece of gear that you count on when you are in the woods... 2 years ago

Mountain Hardwear Bandito Gloves

A little gear review of a nice pair of gloves. If you are like me you are looking for gear that works. Â My hands typically get real hot when I am hiking, a heavy glove is too much and a real light glove is not enough. Â The Mountain Hardwear Bandito... 2 years ago

Trangia 27 series

Happy New Year! I hope that every one is well and is gearing up for the new and exciting year that will be. Â I am not a fan of resolutions.. but my 2017 Ticket is written and I am ready to work it for a successful year. To start off the year, I am... 2 years ago

Little to Big

Do a Good Turn Daily.. That is the Slogan of Scouting.  It is a challenge to each of us to look for some way to be of service.  The slogan asks us to seek opportunities every day to do something… anything that will ultimately make a... 2 years ago

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