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Silver and Gold Party

I believe all Scouting units should support each other with the intent that all youth get the opportunity to experience Scouting. Some troops in a community see other troops as competition and refuse to help the other units improve. By having all... 1 year ago

Tattoo Merit Badge Release

If your scouts have already earned the Exploration merit badge and are looking for something more interesting, it's your lucky day! The Tattoo Merit Badge was just announced and the merit badge pamphlet is available in scout shops and as electronic... 2 years ago

Summer Work

Are you just waking up from your winter hibernation? Did you put off finding a summer job for too long? With all your leadership qualities, outdoors skills, and interpersonal communications learned in Scouting, many opportunities are out there for... 2 years ago

Super Achievers

You can get a Super Achiever patch for all Cub Scouts in each rank that earn all Adventure pins. The Webelos patch has been available for awhile, but now there's a patch for Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear. This Super Achiever patch is not an official... 2 years ago

Scouts BSA

With females officially joining the Scouts BSA program today, I look forward to helping them get as much as they can out of their scouting experience. Most of my involvement is currently with adult leaders preparing for high adventures, but I... 2 years ago

Dishwashing and Hygiene

Lack of adequate Personal and Camp hygiene is a common problem on outings, and something that is easy to prevent. With a little education and effort, no one should get sick when out in the wilds. First, a few common problems encountered by... 2 years ago

Huge Holiday Give-Away

You can win $1400 in backpacking gear by entering this giveaway by Friday. The sponsors include a dozen brands like Sawyer, Black Diamond, and Patagonia that I'm sure you know well. Enter at this page and you just need to use an email and first... 2 years ago

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