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Slide of the Month - Soyuz spacecraft

May 2018 Time to design: 2 hours Time to print: 2 hours (your times may vary Finishing: 2 hour Original design: Thingiverse Original designer:manboy Try it yourself: Soyuz spacecraft Designed for the Soviet Lunar Space program, the Soyuz spacecraft... 2 years ago


Why Google why? WW II History week by week While I don't normally get involved in different movements, I find the recent censorship by Google and YouTube of historical channels repulsive. Please share by using the hashtag #HonorOurPast... 1 year ago

Slide of the Month - Rainbow Loom slide

February 2018 Time to make: 15 minutes Original design: A. C. This design was created by one of my Scouts (who's name I can't use because he is under 18). Back story, it was memorial day and we were gathering before the parade. A.C. came to the... 1 year ago

Slide of the Month - Snowman

December 2018 Time to make: 2 hours Boys Life "Slide of the Month" December 1993, page 67 Original design: Jeff Springer The calendar said fall but Mother Nature say " Hold my coffee ". Holy cow, was there even a fall this year as snow came before... 2 years ago

Slide of the Month - Liberty Bell

July 2018 Time to make: 4 hours Boys Life "Slide of the Month" July 1999, page 50 Original design: Will Scarlet "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof" is the inscription on the Liberty Bell. And you can find... 2 years ago

Side of the Month Extra - (Carve a face) 70's Scout

March 2018 Time to make: 3 hours Design Bill Macfarlane Original concept: Bill Burch So while I was carving the Bill Burch slide of the month I got an idea. I was a Scout back in the 70's and I thought what if I did a Scout of that era. Complete... 2 years ago

Slide of the Month extra! - Scoutmasters run on

Fall 2017 Time to make: 1 hours Original design: Bill Macfarlane OK, I can't all the credit for this one since Dunkin' Donuts made it so easy for me but in honor of the first day of fall. I was in a Dunkin Donuts and saw a novelty coffee and... 3 years ago

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